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I am at a loss for finding an inexpensive hydraulic press


I nned to try and find a affordable jewelry press for pancake die


Check amazon. I use a $90-100 bolt together press with a seven ton jack. The press is bolted down to a 3/4” thickly plywood table which in turn is bolted to the wall. Die forming 18/20 g sterling. Can get approx 1/2” depth on 20g copper in one press. Also I use inflatable tire tubes or “rubbers” as I call them instead of the products sold by supply houses. Less elegant but effective and cheaper.


Well I went to harbor freight bought their 6 ton press
Should I take it back


Not familiar with that product per se. Is it tablet/bench top? My only suggestion would be to set it up and give it a try. Important to insure it is bolted down.
Sorry I can’t be of any more help.


So it doesn’t matter if it press down instead of up


I have that press, it is OK for light work. When you set it up it takes a lot to get things level. There are some mods available like a key that lets you easily release the jack, and a tip for the plunger that makes it wider. Get a decent piece of steel to replace the press plates. Coin ring makers use this a lot and the mods are available on etsy if you search for coin ring tools. I consider it the equivalent of a 3-4 ton arbor press and wouldn’t try to push it too far. Handy for the price. (oh, I had to try 2 of them to get all the parts to one!)


totally new to this and no instruction on how to use so next ? for a 6 inch pancake cuff its OK?


Going to bolt it to a Wood table with a 2inch top that is very stable, carpenter made


I’ve got mine at Harbor Freight. 20 ton with stand on sale for less than $200. Love mine


hope this 6 ton can cut a 6 inch cuff pancake die


You get what you pay for, depends if you plan on using it for quality work, length of time and depth in your pieces.


Thanks for the tips benzgemz. I bought this press for the Pepetools disc cutter and it’s fine for that, though it is a bit difficult to level, like you said. I’d like to find the tip you mentioned, to make the plunger wider. I’ll search on Etsy.