I am at a loss for finding an inexpensive hydraulic press

I nned to try and find a affordable jewelry press for pancake die

Check Amazon. I use a $90-100 bolt together press with a seven ton jack. The press is bolted down to a 3/4” thickly plywood table which in turn is bolted to the wall. Die forming 18/20 g sterling. Can get approx 1/2” depth on 20g copper in one press. Also I use inflatable tire tubes or “rubbers” as I call them instead of the products sold by supply houses. Less elegant but effective and cheaper.


Well I went to harbor freight bought their 6 ton press
Should I take it back

Not familiar with that product per se. Is it tablet/bench top? My only suggestion would be to set it up and give it a try. Important to insure it is bolted down.
Sorry I can’t be of any more help.

So it doesn’t matter if it press down instead of up

I have that press, it is OK for light work. When you set it up it takes a lot to get things level. There are some mods available like a key that lets you easily release the jack, and a tip for the plunger that makes it wider. Get a decent piece of steel to replace the press plates. Coin ring makers use this a lot and the mods are available on etsy if you search for coin ring tools. I consider it the equivalent of a 3-4 ton arbor press and wouldn’t try to push it too far. Handy for the price. (oh, I had to try 2 of them to get all the parts to one!)

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totally new to this and no instruction on how to use so next ? for a 6 inch pancake cuff its OK?

Going to bolt it to a Wood table with a 2inch top that is very stable, carpenter made

I’ve got mine at Harbor Freight. 20 ton with stand on sale for less than $200. Love mine

hope this 6 ton can cut a 6 inch cuff pancake die

You get what you pay for, depends if you plan on using it for quality work, length of time and depth in your pieces.

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Thanks for the tips benzgemz. I bought this press for the Pepetools disc cutter and it’s fine for that, though it is a bit difficult to level, like you said. I’d like to find the tip you mentioned, to make the plunger wider. I’ll search on Etsy.