Hydrogen Peroxide as a jewelry cleaner?

A friend tagged me in a post by a beauty, personal style & lifestyle blogger who is recommending a homemade jewelry cleaner.
1 part Hydrogen peroxide, 1 part dawn dish soap, and 2 parts water.
In her youtube video, she is cleaning a platinum and gold diamond ring. Nowhere does she say anything about heating it up, soaking time, or what gems and metals might be damaged by this.
She is scrubbing her ring with a huge, coarse bristled dishwashing brush in her kitchen sink. The kind you scrub pots and pans with. (I am not even going to discuss the brush as that is a given completely stupid thing to do from the get-go…)

I have been doing jewelry for decades and I have never seen anyone recommend hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner. As a pickle, sure, but never as a cleaner!
I suspect that hundreds of people tried this and immediately damaged their jewelry.
Can anyone give me any thoughts or opinions on this is?

Am I overreacting to something harmless or do I have legitimate concerns?

Hydrogen peroxide by it self won’t do much I believe. But if you mix strong 10% Peroxide with acids like Hydrochloric and such it WILL dissolve some gold, platinum and other metals.

Palladium for instance, is an excellent catalyst to decompose hydrogen peroxide to water.

What it can du to gems on the other hand…
I have no idea.
And of course the brush…

I shudder of much of the stupidity on the net.
What ever create clicks I guess. :scream:

Regards Per-Ove

Edit to add:
Copper will oxidise slightly in weak hydrogen peroxide, while all kinds of silver will oxidise in all concentrations of hydrogen peroxide turning it black.