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Hydrogen/nitrogen /how to make propane work for less

The biggest problem with Hydrogen/nitrogen as a heat source is the
cost factor …and the fact that you can easily fry small quantities
of metal as the heat is extremely intense. You will go through roughly
4 to 5 times the amount of Hydrogen as you would propane which is
the next cleanest gas…

We use oxypropane and have excellent results … the key factor here
if you are getting good results with hydrogen and your results where
not good using propane is based on the simple fact that the torch
tip size you might have been using in the past was too small and you
were not generating enough heat to bring your metal to a bright ,
clean state before casting.

The best tip to use on your oxy propane torch is called a rose but
tip… the bigger the better…The bigger it is, the faster your melt
will be and you will have more than sufficient power to fry the metal
to a crisp if this your intent…( which I do not suggest) also, the
large rosebud tips have great , wide heat disipation and what this
does is cover the entire top of the crucible , eliminating any
oxygen from getting to the metal before casting.

I have used hydrogen in the past so I am familiar with it and it
does work, however, if you look at the tip on the end of you hydrogen
torch, it is most likely a " Rosebud " tip… that should give you a
clue …

We go through a singel 40 lbs tank of propane in about 1 month at a
cost of approximately $23… In hydrogen gas, we would be using at
Least $250 worth per month… So my advice is to think carefully
about your old abandoned propane torch in the closet, take it out
and put a BIG rose bud tip on it and save yourself a lot of

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