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Hydroflux Welder

I’d appreciate thoughts, comments, stories and tall tales about your
experiences with the HydroFlux Welder. Most of my work is fairly
small and is in silver and gold. Very simple, straightforward work
where precision is essential. Does this machine perform well in tight
places? Any safety issues that folks selling HydroFlux might not be
keen to mention?

Mary Jo

Mary Jo,

AJM Magazine published an article in which we tested a variety of
benchtop welders, including the Hydroflux. If you (or anyone else)
would like to receive a free copy of the article, please e-mail us at

Rich Youmans
Associate Publisher/Editor, AJM

Rich Youmans
Associate Publisher/Editor, AJM
800-444-6572, ext. 3025

I use a hydroflux that I have had for about six years now. I have
never had a problem with it at all…unlike the L&R that I used
previous to getting the hydroflux. I own a small machine tool Co. and
am a dealer for Okai… the maker of the hydroflux… Let me know if I
can help. I normally sell them quite alot below retail. These are
top of the line as far as I can tell. My personal unit has about a
zillion hours on it and I have never had a problem. Dan.

Please send me a copy of the artickel. I have a hydro-welder , it is
good for gold but silver coduct heat to be useful Best regards. Erik

** Hanuman’s Note **

I think all of us would love to read it. Would you mind post it on Orchid?

Hi Erik,

That post is a bit old but I think I can still locate article. It is
only in print format right now. But I will see if I can get it
scanned for Orchid. Meanwhile if you want to send me your fax number
or address, I can send you a copy right away.

Best Regards,
Elaine Corwin
Fax: 203-335-0300