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Hydraulic press

Frif, Yes, you can use it without the gauge - I no longer do that,
because it seems that modern day students are always testing
everything to the breaking point. With the gauge on the jack - I can
forbid them to go above a specified pressure - and catch them if they
do! (In which case they lose the privilege of using it further)

The gauges are not expensive, nor are they particularly difficult to
install. (And here goes the warning that I am not recommending
anything, only stating some facts. What you do with this information
is your responsibility! - Thanks Charles, for reminding me in your
publications that anything we write can be used against us in court!)

One more warning, these presses are quite capable of spitting pieces
of high speed and very dangerous shrapnel if improperly used! Never
use one without thoroughly understanding what you can and what you
should not/never do. Wear protection, and whenever possible contain
the dies within at least a 3/8" thick steel “box”…

I have seen, and experienced enough accidents caused by using dies
that are made of materials that will not take the pressure, or are
improperly mounted or contained, to know that someday someone is
going to be seriously hurt. I will not allow that to happen in my

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