Hydraulic press

Lee Marshal wrote:

Hi Kenneth...How's it going on the press?
I'm having a press release party tomorrow, showing off a 100 ton
unit that stands 9' tall and has 12" between the uprights. If I
get my = scanner up and running, I will put up a photo of it to
the group. Take care Lee Marshall


I’d love to see the picture of your press. I just got the steel
in for the one I am building (I’m getting to old to manually
unload this stuff from the trucks, starting to wish I had a
forklift). I’ve been busy doing shows and such and haven’t had
time to build it yet. Hopefully I’ll have the frame completed
soon. Just a matter of cutting and welding at this point.

This time of year money is more precious than time and I am
building my own die sets. I purchased Danley die pins and
bushings (1 1/4") and am in the process of boring the appropriate
holes into the two plates of 6"x1 1/2" cold rolled steel. I can
use pieces of steel from the same 12 foot bar to make bolster
plates and such. Pretty tedious work. This gives me a break from
doing pretty tedious jewelry work (hah)

Kenneth Gastineau