Hydraulic Press, Help!


Anyone have a used 20 ton Bonny Doon Press? I am in need of
either purchasing one or having you do the work. I also will need
three pancake dies made. To blank out 22 ga. sterling silver. I
need at least 40 pieces each of the three different patterns. I
have the silver, and the designs I need. The local machine shop
has a hydraulic press, but it is really huge. But it does have the
gauges and he can do the work. But I really can’t get the pancake
die made by hand as I tried it and it wasn’t accurate enough.
There are three different patterns needed, two about 3/4" X 3/4" or
smaller, the other about 1.5"X2".

So…anyone interested in making the pancake dies?

Anyone interested in doing the blanking?

Yes, I have the Susan Kingsley’s book, and I attended a demo by
her at Arrowmont at the Enamel Convention last fall. But don’t
want to have to purchase all that equipment for this commission. I
am not doing a lot of metal work these days, and can’t do much
physical work due to Post Polio Syndrome, so anyone out there can
help I certainly can use it. Besides this is a big project and
will pay respectfully.

Please contact me for more


Dear Pat, Depending on your design I might be able to help in some
way. I have a cnc machine that could cut a carbon model and then an
edm could be made. I have’nt talked with any machine shops about
the cost of cutting an edm die yet but I need to search it out for
other jobs anyway. Feel free to call an tell me more about what you
need if you think I might be of some help. Sincerely, Bill Reidsema
in NE Pennsylvania.

Pat, if you contact David Shelton at;

		4207 Lead SE
		Albuquerque, NM 87108

He makes the pancake dies you are looking for and can also make a
die which will do a cut-out withen the die.

Thanks, mucho, I am just finishing up the exact patterns and will
contact him right away. .Pat If at first you don’t succeed, destroy
all evidence that you tried. :wink:

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