Hydraulic power forming


Last week I took a class in Mendocino from Lee Masters on using
his 20-ton hydraulic press. I purchased the press and am in the
process of buying lots of tooling that goes with it.

Wow! I’m really excited about this process. I have lots of ideas
abour using it tomake allkinds of stuff.


Virginia Lyons

I was just wondering how a 20 ton press works. I friend of mine
was talking about building such a beast and I was curious as to
how they are put together. What does it use for powering the
striking surfaces?


Hi, Just want to correct the name on this one. Lee Marshall is
the person and he is at He also just set up a chatline on his website to answer questions
about the process

Jeff, I just finished taking a class from Lee Marshall
(BonneyDoon Mfg) He has the best hydraulic press-made especially
for jewelry and metalsmiths.

The book that he recommended to read before the class, was Susan
Kingsley’s book “Hydraulic Die Forming for Jewelers and Metalsmiths
In the book there are pictures of a do it yourself
press and the Bonney Doon press along with a schematic on page
77 of how a press is assembled.

It also has wonderful reference tables in the back for cutting
the correct angle for each gauge of metal you use.

The book is a wonderful resource for examples of some of the
things you can do with a hydraulic press. It opens up a whole
new area of thinking.

You can get it at Amazon.com but it is probably quicker to order
it directly from Susan at 20-Ton Press P.O. Box 222492 Carmel,
Calif 93922

Good Luck

Sally Richards

Hello out there to anyone who has recently taken a Hydraulic
Press workshop with Lee Marshall! He has recently started a
chat room on the subject that I wandered into just yesterday,
and it promises to be a great resource of once it
gets rolling. I am a novice with the thing and while many
purchase a press with a specific goal in mind, my only goal was
to go into a totally new direction with my work. I am still in
the design mode, but am only days away from actual use. The
workshop was truly terrific, with folks from a variety of
backgrounds, all anxious to learn from Lee. I think it would
be helpful to take the advanced workshop at a subsequent date.
Find Lee at http://www.bonnydoonengineering.com
Susan in San Diego