Hydralic die forming

Howdy All:

I would like to attend an Hydralic die forming workshop for
jewelers. If anyone has heard of a class or workshop please let me


Hi, Lee Marshall will be giving his workshops again at the annual
SNAG conference. Pre (May23-25) and post (May30-31)conference
workshops are available call 314-434-5548 for more info. The
conference dates are May 26-29 this year in St. Louis. Or you
could contact Lee direct and ask where else he will be.

Susan Sarantos

Hey De De, you are in luck I am getting ready to sign up for
Lee Marshal’s Basic Hydraulic class. It is from May 23-25, 1999
at Washington University in St. Louis , MO. It costs $250.00 for
a three day workshop you can stay at the dorms on campus for
$25.00 per night. I am going down to the Snag convention after
the workshop from May 26-29th. If you want more info just e-mail
me the class will probably fill fast. Sincerely, Jennifer

Hi DeDe,

I’m not sure how close you are to it, but there will be what
sounds like an excellent hydraulic press class at the Mendocino
Art Center on the North coast of California July 5-9 of this
year taught by Lee Marshall the maker of the Bonny Doon
hydraulic press. If you are interested in more details, email me
off list. Lee’s web page is at
http://www.bonnydoonengineering.com/ He knows more about
the hydraulic press than anyone that I have ever met and is
always learning more so that he can teach it.

Good luck

Basically, You’re looking for one of Lee Marshall’s workshops,
most likely. As the manufacturer of the Bonny Doon Hydraulic
press, he does more workshops on this technique than just about
anyone, these days. (least ways, so far as I’ve seen.) If you’re
going to the SNAG conference in St. Louis this spring, he’s
giving one prior to the conference. You can also contact him
via his web site, perhaps asking him about his other workshops or
whom else may be giving similar workshops…

He’s at http://www.bonnydoonengineering.com/index.html . The
site also has a great deal of useful on Hydraulic die
forming and press usages as well as his catalog.

Peter Rowe

In addition to classes with Lee Marshall, an excellent teacher
is Susan Kingsley, who wrote the book, “Hydralic die forming for
Metalsmiths,” (title close to that).

Susan’s classes tend to be (IMO) more comprehensive, and more
focused on the artistic possiblities. She’s done this for over
20 years. She’s the metalsmith with whom Lee Marshall consulted
to figure out how to build the new press.

Susan’s classes include: making acrylic matrix dies, making
vessels, using lay out liquid for precise creation of matching
halves, embossing, making steel blanking dies, and using the
brakes (an accessory) to create boxes. They are comprehensive and
she teaches absolutely everything you need to know in a clear way
with copious samples.

From the course descriptions that I have read, it seems that
Lee’s classes tend to be more technical, and less comprensive
(because they tend to be shorter) than Susan’s.

I know she teaches once or twice a year (spring and summer) at
Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tenn., and at
Craftsummer in Ohio.

I definitely recommend Susan’s book. Publisher: 20 ton Press.
I’ll dig up the ISBN if you need it.


[Hanuman’s Note: ISBN 0-9635832-0-4
20 Ton Press
POBox 222492 CA 93922]