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HXTAL - A Fine Epoxy for Jewelry and StoneUse

HXTAL is an ultra refined form of epoxy. It is crystal clear,
will last 500 years without yellowing and is damn near impossible
to get apart except by heating to carbonization. It is made by
Conservation Materials in Sparks Nevada, 702 331-0582. They will
send you complete intructions and documentation. It sets in a
couple of hours under a heat lamp, in a couple of days otherwise
and mixed material can be kept in your freezer for months and
remail liquid. It’s a couple of hundred dollars a pound but they
make a small sample kit for around 60$ that might last a
lifetime. I use it to fill fractures under vacuum, I use the
same vacuum used on investments for casting, to get the liquid
into the seams. I use it to make doublets, etc.

Hope you find this useful,

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