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Hurricane, So happy I can work again

I can work again - I’m just so happy I have to share

Yeah!! We finally have electric service again that has been out
since Hurricane Ike went through (11 days)!! Now here is the
unbelievable part… we live in Ohio… in the city! It’s little
known that when Ike went through Kentucky and Ohio a strange
phenomenon occurred where winds increased from 30 mph to over 70 mph
for about 6 hours. In other words, we had a hurricane in OHIO!!

Over 2 million customers lost power for at least 24 hours. On
average, no power for four days. Trees UPROOTED everywhere!! It
looked like the path of a tornado on a massive scale. In the Dayton
area, 300,000 were without power initially, and today (12 days
later) we still have 5,000 without power. Our power crews had been
sent to Houston, so repairs started slowly. Ultimately, power crews
from as far away as New Hampshire were brought in to assist in the
repairs. In addition, there was no cable TV, internet or email.

Of course, we all know that it’s possible to make jewelry without
electricity (it’s been done that way for eons), but it’s not easy or
efficient! I’m so happy today … my buffer, flexshaft, pickle
heater, ultrasonic, etc. are like new toys. And I can read the Orchid
posts again!! I felt lost without my morning coffee and Orchid every