Huge emerald found in NC!

Hi all - was listening to the radio while reading my e-mail, and
they just did the news. I am listening to a NC station, and they
announced that a NC man who had been blasting on his property found a
huge emerald (I MUST have mistunderstood the carats, it was so
high!), that should be worth over $5 million!!! Wow - I should be so
lucky when I go gem mining !

Anyone in NC have a link to a story about it?

Thanks and happy holidays to all!

Beth in SC who only has lots of sand, no on her land :

Beth: that’s old news, Lapidary Journal did a story about 3 years
ago, It’s true at that time, they estimated the value at over 3
million dollars but the man was taking so much care removing the
crystal that it was still along way to go to get it fully removed, It
could well be the largest emerald ever found any where, Actually
there are quite a few emerald deposits in North Carolina, also some
fine cats eye silmanite and some other Beryl’s as well most are
near Franklin County I believe, I have cabbed severl pretty nice
stones that have come from that area

Kenneth Ferrell

Here is a link to the latest emerald find:

Thanks Margaret! Since someone said Lapidary Journal did a story on
another find several years ago, and this one was just found on Dec.
9th, it is obviously a new find, not the same one. The story says it
is 1,861 carats! I wish I could have gotten up to see it today!

As a child I found a lovely emerald crystal in the NC mountains.
Unfortunately when we moved it vanished, and has never reappeared :frowning:
Now that I am creating jewelry I would love to have it to mount! I
do have a necklace made with a large quartz crystal I found as a
child - something I will cherish always.

DD found several very nice small rubies and sapphires a few years
ago, and they are in a pendant that she will always be able to wear.

Take your kids rock hunting! It is a wonderful family hobby!

Again, thanks Margaret!

Beth in SC - I’ve left Margaret’s link below in case anyone missed
it and is interested

Here is a link to a photo of the miner holding the emerald - it IS

Beth in SC where it is cold and rainy :frowning:

If its the stone from a few years ago, then it is probably one that
I believe is called the Duchess or something like that, and came from
Jamie Hills mine in Hiddenite, NC. I have held that stone, which was
partly owned by a previous employer, and it is indeed quite
spectacular. There is some really nice material coming from there.
There is a pendant in the gallery section of my website that is an
emerald from that mine. Jim

Beth: that’s old news,

Oops Sorry, I didn’t know they found another Monster Emerald, If a
person wants to they can pay admission to some sites and dig at
them, I cabochon cut a 7.5 ct. cab, that actually looked better than
a lot of the faceted stones I’ve seen on the market. And another for
this same customer that was just over 13 cts. It had some silk in it
as well as the usual garden of stuff. I would like to go fetch a few
stones my self, Over a 1,0000 cts WOW that’s a nice rock the one
that had been found sometime back was also over a thousand and was
still a defined crystal, I’d be curious as to what ever became of it.

Kenneth Ferrell

Jim - no , this is a new stone the same fellow has found. He has
blasted open a whole new cave system, which according to him is
filled with incredible stones of a variety of types. I expect he and
his financial backers are VERY happy right now! Wish I had the money
to buy property up there - sounds like it might be an incredible real
estate value !

I had no idea emeralds could BE that big. The photo shows him
holding it, and it covers about half or more of the height of his
face. HUGE! I gather those who have seen it feel the quality is
there, for the price estimate to be what it is!

Beth in SC where the sun is finally shining again!