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How to write up an order

Hello, I have recently started a little small jewelry business of my
own on the side and was approached with a small order. I wanted to
make sure that I’m doing everything right. I have checked the
archives but I couldn’t find anything, perhaps someone can point me
in the right direction so I wouldn’t be wasting anyone’s time.

I am putting together an order form that I will be sending to this
person. In it will be basic name info and an address. I also wanted
to write up something that requires a 50% deposit before I start
working and then C.O.D. on delivery. One of the pieces this person is
ordering is for a photoshoot for his company, promotional material. I
would like to ask for a tear sheet. Is there something that I need to
write up as a part of the order info or should it be separate and how
do I make sure I have rights to use that when showing my work, etc.
If anyone has any other suggestions or a sample of an order document
that would be very helpful. I’ll still continue to search on my own.

Mia Hebib