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How to wrap small polished stones

Hi, I was wondering if anyone might be able to suggest how I might
wrap small polished stone – I cannot drill them because they are so
tiny and so small and I have not learned to do bail settings yet–
may be the best use but I would like to string them or use them by
themselves – they slip out of wire and too much wire then you cannot
see the stone. I would like to know what is it that I see people
using on small stones – it is not silver – appears wrapped in a
soldering of some type – nickel free – but maybe this would work?
But the stone is polished – Is there anything someone might suggest
to me?

Immensely grateful …

Some wire wrappers use snap set settings for faceted stones with the
wire passing through the setting under the stone. You could also use
bezel wire to make a bezel setting. You could use tubing and cut /
form the setting from a piece of tubing and solder it to the wire.