how to watch purchased videos

I\’ve purchased 2 lessons some time ago. Not sure how to access them to watch them. Please advise. Thanks

They should be in dashboard.

Regards Per-Ove

Some require you to download within 24 hours to your device. It is easy peasy. Download to where ever you want to file it on your system and watch whenever you want. Others will allow you lifetime access on their sites using a dashboard and a password. Those will send you the temp password after they receive your payment. Good luck. I have paid, allowed access then they changed their website and in doing so lost some members in the change over and never got what i paid for. Make sure they are reputable. The seller will help you with the emailed instructions.

I excpected she referred to videos purchased here on this site.
If not, the place to ask is where you bought them.
Videos purchased here should be in dashboard on the front page when you log in.

Try this link.

Regards Per-Ove Arntsen

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Just out of curiosity, how would you get to the dashboard from the homepage? Whenever I open Orchid, I’m always automatically logged in .

PS ADMINISTRATION: Why is an advertisement from an advertiser I don’t know put into my post? (It makes it look like I’m recommending him :frowning: .)

Good question about advertisers. I look forward to the answer. Thanks for asking it…Rob

Just out of curiosity, how would you get to the dashboard from the homepage?

I was using an older browser, Vivaldi, and when I tried to log on the other day there was the message ‘your browser is out of date’ and I couldn’t log on. After the logon, I used to get right to the discussion page.

So I switched to Microsoft Edge and when I log on now it goes right to the Dashboard, so I have to go through another page to get to the discussions. This leads me to think that HTML (web page code) will direct you to the Dashboard, unless for some reason your browser does not process that code and you somehow skip it. My explanation may not make sense, but the facts I mentioned (Vivaldi going right to Discussion after logon, and Edge going to Dashboard after logon) are true. You can get to the Dashboard from a logged on page. I’ve done it, but as per usual these days I don’t remember how. Click on the upper right 3-equal-signs icon or the circle to the right of it to find the way.

If you never need to log on then your browser likely has saved cookes, whatever, and you get to bypass the logon. In a sense, you were never logged off.

I suspect the ads are being inserted in a random way by the platform Ganoksin uses. Possibly at Ganoksin’s request, possibly not. Clearly they tweak their code from time to time, their killing an older Vivaldi browser being just one example.

Neil A

Exactly, cookies and its cousins, are our friends and enemies with respect to the web.
Unless something odd happens, there should not be a problem to overcome it however.

I had a weird issue with another forum that changed forum software.
I could never find it again on my laptop.
Until it died and I bought a new one, that fixed it.

As to the Dashboard, I use Google or the homepage links, and of course have a tab open with it already loaded :wink: