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How to Use the Private Messaging Function Here?

Could someone please give step by step instructions on how to private message a member and then actually reply to that private message so that it stays private??

I had a whole conversation with someone thinking I was replying privately only to see it posted on the topic in the public forum! Now I’m freaked out and can’t figure out how to do it properly. I found how to start a private message but not how to reply to one.

Thanks much!!

First you have to be on the Orchid website. Then click on your avatar/icon located at the top right.

On this screen, under your name is a line of choices such as: Summary, Activity, Notifications & Messages. Click on Messages.

On the left of this screen, you have several choices such as: New Messages, Inbox & Sent. Click on Inbox.

This screen shows every private message you have received, unless you previously deleted some of them.

When you click on one of those private messages, the next screen you see is formatted exactly like the threads in the forum, except that when you reply it is not posted on the forum, it is sent as a private message.

I don’t know how your message got posted on the forum. Did you reply to an email instead of on the Orchid website?

I never reply to an Orchid email, because that system is designed for “reading” convenience since a number of members complained about having to actually go to the website to read the new posts. I think of those single emails as if they were still presented in the “digest” format like they used to be …nothing private about it.

So, to reply…there is a grey reply link just under your message to me and also a blue button at the bottom of the screen with other buttons “bookmark” “share” “flag”. Just now I clicked the grey reply link. Is that correct? Or do I hit the blue button further down?

In this case, it doesn’t matter which “Reply” button you click.

Thanks Betty. It’s a very confusing interface. Because when I first click on my avatar at the top right in the black bar, I get a drop down window that shows me list of communications. Some look like emails and some say private message. Yours doesn’t even say it’s a private message. And if I click on the link it shows me there, I think it goes back to the public forum but I’m not sure. I’ll attach a screen shot.

I have to then click on my name in the top left of that dropdown to get to the screen you mentioned earlier. So…there seems to be “notifications” which is where your messages are showing up, and “messages” which…I really don’t understand the difference. They look like emails just between me and the other person…but then some wound up public and others did not.

I guess now that I know about this messaging (notifications) part, I’ll use this. But it’s very confusing.

Thank you for your help!

I never sent you a private message. Our communication was public on the forum (which is good because others might benefit from this information).

You are correct, I forgot to mention you need to click on your name after you click on your avatar.

The difference between Notifications and Messages, is that Notifications comes from the forum (public), and Messages is private. Here is a lengthy explanation:

Remember when you asked me about which reply button to click when you replied to a private message? I told you that it did not matter in this case (a private message).

But it does matter if you are posting on the forum. On the forum, if you click on the blue “reply” button, you are posting to the thread but not specifically to a certain post within the thread. On the forum, if you click on the grey “reply” button, you are posting a specific answer to the member’s post immediately above that specific grey “reply” button. You will notice that all posts have grey “reply” buttons, but there is only one blue “reply” button in a thread and it is at the end of all the posts. All replies done on the forum are public.

When I replied to your post on the forum, I tried to remember to click on the grey “reply” button, which then sends you a Notification that I specifically replied to your post. Therefore, the difference between Messages and Notifications is when someone sends you a private message, then you will find that message on your Message screen. And when someone replies to your post (public) on the forum and they click on the grey “reply” button, you get a Notification.

Also in your Notifications are notifications that you have received a private message, and notifications that you have received a like (heart) and notifications that you have earned some sort of pre-set goals …don’t ask, I don’t know.

Ok. Thank you. It still feels confusing…but hopefully it’ll get clearer as I use it more.
Thank, Betty!