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How to use crackle enamel

Has anyone had success using “crackle” enamel and if so, how did you
get it to cracke?

Thx in advance for your guidance - m2


You need to put the color crackle enamel over clear crackle flux. It
will not crackle on bare copper.

I mix the dry flux with water, apply it to the copper and when it is
totally dry, fire it. Then I mix the color I wish to use with water
and apply it after drying it thoroughly. Fire until it glosses over.
Hard to tell you how long to fire it, as it depends on the size of
the piece you are making, and also on your kiln. I usually fire it
about 3 minutes maximum for a piece 10"X 11". Also, I usually make a
rather thick mix–not thin and watery. Be sure it is totally dry
before putting it in the kiln. I dry mine under a heat lamp. You can
get full instructions in the Thompson workbook. It contains all the
technical on all of their products.


Has anyone had success using "crackle" enamel and if so, how did
you get it to cracke?

yes, i have. but, i am a torch-firer so what i know i do not know
from a kiln perspective. they have to fire very hot and much longer
than regular med temp/flow enamel. i use crackle clear as my base,
which you fire till golden–absorbed all the oxides. then paint on
the liquid color of your choice, the peacock blue crackles
exceptionally well, and fire. since i use a coffee-can housing with
a door and my protective glasses, i can actually see (altho it’s
glowing red) the splitting/crackling of the enamels because the
clear and the color have different shades. if you fire too long, then
most of the color disappears–really crackles and i’m assuming
somehow being absorbed into the clear. but, the good news is you can
just do it again.

hope that helps.

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