How to use bi-metal to form bangles

    I just finished a bangle with bi-metal with a technique from a
recent class termed die forming with a hydraulic
press( from owner and insructor Lee
Marshall. The metal was solderd, stretched(useing the press),
hammered,both metal hammer (easy!) and softer hammers. 

Hi Thomas, I, too, make bracelets with the hydraulic press. Could you
be more specific with your description of how you are using bi-metal
to form bangles? Thanks. Dennis

Dennis, Would be glad to describe the technique I learned. And would
like to know what you are doing with braclets useing the press! The
bangle I make starts with say a 1 inch by 81/2 to 9 inch piece if bi-
metal, bend round with gold on the inside! Overlap 1/8 to 1/4 inch
and solder Then using a 3 1/2 inch mushroom former, press on
alternating sides until braclet "bows’ outward on edges.You will have
to use plexiglass spacers cut out on narrow braclets,for the former
will ‘bottom out’. You will probably have to soft hammer crimps in
metal as you go.Then you may go to a 4 or 5 inch mushroon to further
extend the convex bending. Get braclet to a ‘U’ shape and the take to
braclet mandral and hammer seam to close. This will make a continuous
bangle with seam .You can then solder seam or not. The one problem
with the bi-metal is the overlapped seam when you made the cirle of
metal.With bi-metal you can’t sand or hammer that seam flat or you
will go through to the silver, I wrap or do somthing to make a
’termination’. This is a simple description of the bangle, but the
time it tkes to write this, would be easier on the phone. If you wish
to e-mail me directly at @isgoldwks ,I’ll give you my
telephone # and go from there. Good luck and let me know how you do!
Thomas Blair,