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How to thin a bezel rocker

I love my bezel rocker, but As I improve as a jeweler I find that Bluetooth that to get into tight corners. How do I go about sending down a standard bezel rocker? Belt sander? Thank you in advance Christina

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Yep. Clean up with files, break sharp edges.

You can easily make different shaped tools to move bezels out of brass rod. It can be forged or ground into the shape that you need and then polished in the same way that you would a piece of jewelry. They can be used as you would a bezel rocker or burnisher and they can also be used as a punch if you have some way t secure the bezel so that you can use both hands on the tool. Pictures if you want them…Rob


Thank you for always being will to help all of us aspiring jewelry makers. I just thought I’d say how much your information is appreciated. :nerd_face:

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Here is a video which shows how to use a diamond impregnated wheel in your flexshaft to shape tools. The disc is a little pricey, but it lasts a really long time. And once you have it you will use it for other things…even sharpening a drill bit.


It sounds like you may be ready to jump to using a hammer and punch to move your bezel onto the stone. You make your own punches and they can be as big or small as you want. This is a skill well worth learning and you can make heavy bezels that look like a million bucks.

There are a number of youtube videos…here is one to start:

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Thank you all for your suggestions, I’m taking a little bit away from all of them. Rob I would really like the pictures that you have, please thanks again Christina

Picture of my various bezel pushers left to right: rocker, burnisher, square steel rod, round steel rod, three different brass rod pushers with shaped ends, copper rod pusher with a shaped end. I shape the ends to meet the shape of the bezel area that I am pushing. Brass rod can be easily forged, ground and sanded to shape and then polished. Note that all the rods are actually punches. You strike the punch with a light hammer to move the bezel. Obviously you need to secure the jewelry piece in some way. I use thermal set plastic and an engraving vise or a machinist vise. Watch the video that Vera sent to you and you can see how these punches are used. I typically make heavy (1.0 - 2.0) thick bezels, but they will also work on thin bezels…Rob

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Thank you so much for the link on bezel setting. Nice to refresh what was learned what seems like an age ago and pick up some new tricks. Since I have not worked with heavy bezels, it was great information.

Yeah, I’d like to order a sec, Rob. Those are absolutely beautiful. As always you are a wealth of information, I appreciate you. Thanks Christina