How to string a twisted 3 strand pearl bracelet?

I took a three strand bracelet of pearls to my restringer. They
were twisted so they looked like a cable: I did not take a good
look at them but they were NOT braided. When I received them back,
with a new clasp, they were no longer twisted. The restringer has
not been able to return them to their original twisted shape as they
untwist if you twist them and put on wrist. Does any one have a
solution or had the same problem? I am thinking that perhaps they
were originally on a thicker nylon line (which might have had some
memory), and now they are on a knotted cotton string.

Many Thanks.

“Cotton string”? Change your re-stringer immediately! Get someone
who uses silk. Cotton just won’t last very long.

The twist I get on a string is made by turning the separated strings
in my hand and allowing them to relax back into a twist. Then I
finish off at the clasp.

Tony Konrath

You cannot ‘permanently’ twist knotted beads. To make them stay you
string each strand first, then holding one end stationery (attached
to a nail, or under a brick), you twist each thread individually
clockwise as tight as you can - even to the point of the beads
bunching a bit. Do this with each thread, holding them firmly with
another brick, or locking tweezers until all the strands are
similarly twisted, then hold them up by the ‘stationery’ end and let
all of them ‘untwist’ together - they will ‘untwist’ around each
other and stay twisted. Needless to say - you must catch them as
soon as they finish wrapping around each other, and fasten the other
end so they can’t untwist again. (This made sense when I was typing
it! - let me know if you need further instruction.) Dina High-Strung
in Maryland

If i understand your question Steve, the way to do this is to twist
the strands individually, all in the same direction:

You can do this by fixing one end to a flat surface, seperating the
other strands and rolling your palm accross the top of all 3 at
once. Then hold the loose end to keep any of the strands from
untwisting - the strands will naturally twist together and stay in
that position. You can then attach the finding or knot on the loose
end. You might want to try this with thread or string first to see
how it works. Its a neat trick that I learned from my wife who sews

David Tomich