How to straighten square wire

Dan, You didn’t mention what metal or gauge you are working in but
this trick works for a wide range of product. After annealing the
piece simply stretch the length of metal by making L bend on either
end and placing one end in a vise or other stationary clamp and pull
firmly on the other end using pliers until the item has straightened.
With small thin stock two pairs of pliers can be used. Good Luck

John Sholl
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Littleton, CO.

Looking for suggestions on how to best straighten square wire.

Wire would be Sterling or Argentium, dead soft, annealed if that
makes sense.

10 gauge to 14 gauge, lengths of 6 to 12 inches.

thanks for any help,

Looking for suggestions on how to best straighten square wire. 

If you don’t mind marring about 1/4 to 1/2 inch on each end, then
it’s easy.

Clamp one end in a fixed vise, grab the other end with some sturdy
pliers (drawtongs work great), and pull the wire enough so you feel
it slightly give/stretch. With square wire, you’ll want to make sure
it’s not twisted before you do this. Once it’s stretches like that,
it will be absolutely straight in the parts not held in the vise or
drawtongs. The wire does have to be annealed to do this, but you say
it already is.


Put one end into a vise, take hole of the other end with draw plyers
or a large set of plyers, and give a smart tug. That should do it!!

I put one end in my vice, the other end in my draw tongs or vice
grip pliersand slowly pull straight. Just be aware that the gauge or
size of the wire will be slightly smaller. Have fun.

Fix one end thru a draw plate securing it with a pair of vise grips.
You can also use a small piece of wood with a hole thru it. Pull on
the other end as if you were drawing wire. Make sure that it is well
annealed first. You can also vertically fix one in in your vise with
the other end pointing towards the floor. Pass the floor end thru the
hole in a 10 lb. lifting weight and attach the vise grips to the
floor end of the wire. Carefully drop the weight onto the vise grip
causing the wire to stretch. Be Careful!. Good Luck. Rob

Rob Meixner

I have been fairly successful by clamping one end in a vise, the
wire hanging down. Then I clamp a pair of vise grips to the other
end and hang a couple of 2 Ib. bar bell weights to the pliers. I
heat the wire with the torch to just short of annealing. It works
pretty well as long as the wire isn’t too messed up.

Hi Jrnewton

The easiest way I know straighten wire (all shapes) is to pull it.
Stick one end in a vice and take the other end in a set of draw
tongs, pliers, or vice grips and give it a good steady tug. You’ll
feel the wire give, straighten, and stiffen up. 10-14 gauge will be
harder to do. If you can’t get itto give, I saw the coolest
contraption in Ronda Coryell’s studio the otherday, kind of a
homemade draw bench. Opposite her bench vice (on the same counter
top) she has an old hand crank wench she uses to pull wire through
her draw plate, she can also use it to pull and straighten thick
wire. Draw tongs that tighten as more tension is applied would work
well for this.

Hope this helps
Mark N Tech
Rio Grande