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How to set princess cut diamonds

Hi There;

Does anyone know of a good video or written explanation on how to
set princess cut diamonds with the groove in the bottom that they
lock into. I do believe it is called invisible setting.

Thank you and take care,
Paul Le May, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.

This is the only video of preparing invisible settings I know of.
The second half shows invisible setting.

This video is currently part of the exhibition of Van Cleef & Arpels
jewelry at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design here in NYC. While I
was familiar with the concepts of invisible setting, or mystery
setting as Van Cleef calls it, and knew the basic steps in the
process from books and classes, this video is the first time I know
of that there has been film made of any of the steps involved. It is
great to watch, if way too short. Also, for those unable to come to NY
to see the show, here is a brief video walk through someone shot.


The DVD: “The Art of Setting Princess Cuts, with Fancy Cut
Applications” by Blaine Lewis is very very good. You can purchase it
on line threw The New Approach School for Jewelers.

Forget what I paid for it, but it was worth every penny!

Tools, tips, techniques and you will learn to set difficult stones,
well. That and his flush setting video I found extremely good.