How to sell more over the counter buys

How to sell more over the counter buys in your store

If you have not been buying over the counter from the public, you’ve
missed having a lot of money to pay bills. Many jewelers are hurting
this past year but have saved themselves from the profits of over the
counter buys.

Is there a down side to this money? Not really but a friend on
Polygon by the name of “Trader Art” thinks sometimes you may not want
that quality of stuff in your case. Of course melting it is a fast
money multiplier but theres more money to be made selling it to the
public. There’s nothing like having more customers buy more things,
then they are happy and spread the word. Its like viral advertising.

This is what Trader Art wrote a few days ago about putting the items
you buy (after a polish) in zip lock bags and putting them in a glass
fish bowl out front.

You people who buy over the counter will get a load of sterling
rings, some indian jewelry, and some gold stuff etc, that you
probably buy for scrap. Many of you have a fine jewelry
department and dont want to put a bunch of cheapo sterling and
maybe some nice but kind of out of style 10 and 14K rings, a lot
of it recent shopping channel stuff.

You dont have to contaminate your fine jewelry displays with
stuff like that. Put all this stuff, including everything that is
decent, in plastic zip lock bags. Make a hand written description
like, “10K solid gold ring with approx 1 ct tanzanite, and six
small diamonds $119” or “American Indian jewelry, turquoise and
sterling silver, $34”. You get the idea. Date the stuff. If
something doesnt sell after a while, scrap it out, and you still
make a good profit.

This goes in a huge bowl you keep on the back shelf, your “close
out, 50% off estate jewelry” bowl. Plastic bags? 50% off? Estate
jewelry? Close out? Women drool at stuff like this. You will have
women coming in and first thing they ask, “Anything new in the

A tip! Dont make this your triple key bowl. Put some real
bargains in there. You bought it dirt cheap, sell it same way. I
can tell you it is a heck of a lot better than throwing it into
the scrap bowl Trader Art

So give this a try. heck, you could even do it with some of your own
old items, couldn’t you?

David Geller
Director of Profit

Many of you have a fine jewelry department and dont want to put a
bunch of cheapo sterling 

Its true, you dont wanna junk your cases up with a bunch of cheap
stuff, but theres plenty of good quality items to cherry pick from
in gold, silver, diamonds, chains, even some antique pieces. As far
as all the sterling and other low grade production type ss, I buy it
up cheap, and have managed to put away 20-25 pounds of assorted ss
scrap at a fraction of the metal market value. I’m just going to sit
on it for a while to see what the silver market does during the next
12-36 months. There are also alot of .999 fine 1 oz silver and gold
coins to be had at a nice discount off of market.

Also I have found that there is a large number of people settling
estates for their parents, siblings, etc, and most of them are simply
relieved to find someone to hand them green cash for it. Many are
cleaning out houses and will bring boxes and bags of stuff in for
months on end.

And people love to trade their scrap for repair on the jewelry that
is important to them. Just today, scrap value for someone was $143
and the repair charges will be $128. I am paying them $15 to do their
repairs-and they are flatout elated with the deal. Then I sell the
scrap for a profit to a refinery. Its like getting payed twice for
the same repair job. I would highly recommend anyone with a bricks
and mortar to at least look at gold buying. Just make sure you pay
attention to what you are buying, and obey local ordinances on buying
used goods.