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How to sell higher end stones?

I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on where to sell some of the
higher end stones I’ve cut. Over the years, I’ve cut many opals,
turquoise cabs etc…recently, I’ve bought a lot of higher end/rare
rough like good gem silica, variscite, and Death Valley Plume
Agate…I plan to use some of it myself, but am considering selling
some as well. My problem is, I don’t know where I can sell it to get
a good market price. Obviously, places like Ebay won’t give me a good
price…I’ve bought to many things on there myself to know I won’t
get a good selling price. Are there any sites or places you could
recommend as good venues for selling good stones?


Obviously, places like Ebay won't give me a good price. 

i think this is completely untrue.

there are two ways to sell highest quality stones on ebay

  1. open a store- put excellent photos of the stones on each of the
    listings you create and use the “buy it now” feature for 99% of
    them. Put 2 or 3 on as an auction, with your starting bid near the
    least you will accept for the stone ( a nice opal or some other, more
    rare stone) this helps drive buyers to your site. Dont offer NR
    stones, or hype sounding copy…set prices where you want them and
    buyers looking for quality will quickly add you to favorite sellers
    lists…with buy it now almost exclusively, you are weeding out the
    majority of buyers that are looking for deals, or don’t know stone
    values… try it for 90-120 days. check out 208gold’s site. two years
    ago we put a few odd lots of wire on the site-all buy it now, with an
    auction item or two only a dollar less than the selling price…Sales
    have increased 150% per quarter…that is one example

2). no offense but the rough you listed is fairly low end stuff-
what will make it higher end is matched pairs of interestingly cut
shapes…On a tailgating night at William Holland lapidary school,
where teachers of faceting and cabbing sell the stones you
mentioned, none sell for over 40 dollars a pair- except natural opal
(not doublets, or triplets). On ebay you see a lot of ovals and bola
sized cabs- avoid those…go for unusual free forms, and interesting
geometrics…the gem silicates are trendy right now as is variscite
with green and purple veining- try some fancy cuts of those-
generally expect the prices for the materials you listed to command
around 15-40 dollars…opal higher depending on the type, grade, cut,

  1. consider foreign markets. Asia in particular. Set up a web site
    and list on Asian search engines…Market your stones as North
    American native gem and mineral cabs, or something along those lines
    and charge flat rate shipping, with expedited options in the 35. 00
    range per sale( with discounts for combining shipments in a given
    period, a 10 business day turnaround return policy with restocking
    fee on international shipments and add handling into your flat basic
    rate fee). While asia is a crossroads for faceted stones, not many
    cabs are available in the materials you mentioned to designers-so
    you have an almost captive audience…RESEARCH your engine placements
    thoroughly. If you can do volume production consider contacting the
    trade board or consulates offices for recommendations. I have used
    industry trade sites, in which one lists their products available,
    and posts trade contacts, terms, minimums, etc. There are even
    agencies that will assist you in exporting to other countries, for a
    nominal or no-fee arrangement.

All-in-all if your material is well executed and dffers from all the
rest, auction sites can be excellent venues for e marketing small
numbers of stones.

R. E. R.