How to Sell Afghan Emeralds?

Hi all,

I really enjoy stopping by here every day to see what I can learn.
I’m pretty much a hobby jeweller, working for my own enjoyment and
doing pieces for friends and family. Anyway, I have a brother in the
military who just came home from Afghanistan and brought me some
Most are so-so in value, but one turned out to be a very
nice emerald. (I had a gemologist take a look at it). It is .82
carats and a deep green color that is as clear as glass. It’s
absolutely stunning. My brother is going back to Afghanistan in about
two weeks and he is going to be purchasing more emeralds like this
one. I’m sending him over with a chelsea filter, loupe and a
dichroscope to try to reduce the chance of getting ripped off. My
question is, where do I sell these stones when he brings them back? I
don’t have any contacts in the gem trade so I don’t know where to
take them. Does anyone know of someone who will deal honestly with me
and give me a fair price?