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How to Secure Items in a Ball Vise

OK, so I have posted this picture before asking about some of the accessories. Now my question is, how do I learn to hold things in this vise with the accessories and without marring my items? I can’t seem to find much on fixturing in a vise like this and my attempts have been pretty unsuccessful. Any suggestions for me? Thanks

Hi there,

May I ask what some of the items you are wanting to hold? flat plate?, ring?, bangle?
For stone setting? Engraving?

I really like Jett Set and similar holding compounds to hold the actual piece, which I would then secure in the vise…part of the thinking involves how to hold things in the vise, with the vise holding the actual piece, or a further holding device clamped into the vise…

You can embed your piece in a holding. fixturing compound, such as JettSet, which is simultaneously mounted onto a T-plate, or hanging plant screw, or whatever will do the job…

there are inside, and outside ring holding attachments that work with the vise…

there are separate expanding bangle holders that can then be held in the vise…

there are pins that you can put in the holes to brace items that are on the flat side…

you can use scraps of leather, or pieces of wood between the jaws and the piece

here are some fixturing compound to contemplate

Rio Grande- JettSet (Basic and Ballistic)
(i prefer JettBasic- clear…more sticky…easier to soften in my opinion…

GRS Thermo loc…and a bunch of fun accessories to use with it!


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Here are a few available holding device accessories…you can make your own out of hardware sometimes too!


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I find a couple rectangular pieces of balsa wood really protect rings that I squeeze in the vice for stone setting. A piece of wood on each side of the ring. Balsa wood has some give to it, so the ring will make an impression in the wood, that’s why it is so secure. Be sure the balsa wood is squarely lined up with the top of the vice to ensure that you have a good visual for getting the stone in straight.