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How to repair enmal on copper

I have a small copper box from the Arts and Crafts period, circa
1915. As the attached image indicates, two of the cobalt blue petals
are damaged.

I am looking for a relatively simple remedy and hope that someone can
help. Ceramit and enamel epoxies have been recommended, but I do not
have any experience with using either.

** Attachment Removed **

To “hawkwind” do not try to repair your damaged enamel by
re-enameling it. Since you do not know what enamel was used you have
no way of knowing how much heat the piece will tolerate. The safest
way that I know of to repair a damaged enamel is to find a ground
enamel, about 80 mesh, as close in color as you can get to what is on
your piece. Mix up some 2 part epoxy glue. Add the enamel grains to
the epoxy and fill the damaged area. To put a piece that you yourself
did not enamel into a kiln is to flirt with disaster. Hannah in

Hello Hawkwind,

My advise would be to just enjoy the box as it is. An attempt to
repair by re enameling could result in the total destruction of the
box, and if you repair with epoxy enamel and don’t get an exact color
match or surface is not perfectly smooth the repair will be uglier
than the bare copper. Not to mention that if the peice has any
antique value you run the risk of significantly reducing the value
with a repair.