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How to read and interpret an MSDS

Hi all

MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, and is required by law
for most products manufactured here and imported.

For the professionals in the group, I beg your indulgence, for the
hobbyist and beginner, listen up, you could be hurting your family
and yourself. Since I have been a member of this group I have been
surprised at many turns by some of the things that have come out
which I never learned in my regular job and never even considered
looking up. By virtue of the fact you are on the group means you have
internet access and therefore instant access to MSDS sheets for the
things we use.

How to read and interpret an MSDS can be found at the following site
as well as sources of for the Canadian members of the

This is probably the most comprehensive site I have found for
questions on the MSDS sheet, how to interpret the codes used and what
they mean. One study indicated that the normally competent and
educated reader of an MSDS only understood about 60% of what the
sheet said. This site will go a long way of moving its readers up the
scale of understanding.

is the U.S. government site that specifies what must be in an MSDS
and an employers responsibility for following it, compliance and
training of employees.

The point of my writing is these sheets are available to all of us
for free. They tell us things about product hazards and what to
expect if we do not follow the manufactures recommendation or its
anticipated use well before we become a statistic.

I hope you find this useful.