How to re-drill holes

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone could tell me how I can expand the hole in
a bead. I have encountered several times now with stone beads where
the entry to the hole is nice and wide but once inside the hole
narrows considerably. Very frustrating. I know I can expand the
exterior of the hole using a bead reamer. But that hasn’t worked for
fixing the Narrow interior. Can I redrill the hole using a Dremel?
If so what type of drill bit should I use?

Thanks Javier

Most glass bead makers use dremels for cleaning and smoothing bead
holes, so you might be able to expand the hole with a demel bit. We
use diamond bits and water to decrease cracking due to overheating.

here’s some links recently posted about where to find tiny bits :slight_smile:

Folks are also saying they got their diamond dremel bits at wal-mart
. Best to use a cordless dremel if you use water :wink:


Javier, I have the same problem. I recently ordered a set of diamond
wire reamers (like small saw blades) that can be used in a saw frame.
They come in four sizes and you get two each of the two smaller
sizes. They are very very small and fit thru all those annoying
beads. I paid $34.95 for the set thru Rings and Things and have used
them alot with success. There is also an e-mail address: So far it is the best I have found, but I wish
they made one size larger. Suzanne