How to protect the "culet" in any setting

This is one of the most basic and almost over looked areas of
setting any size of stone. As this part of the diamond is one of the
most vulnerable areas, it can chip too easily. So how do we adjust
for this potential calamity? I always use just one size of bur,
it’ll be a “#009 Round” bur, nothing too large. But small enough to
’free’ the culet of any touching of metal. I will literally dig down
to the depth and the size of the “roundness of the ball”. I will
also visualize the location of the intended culet, is the hole well
positioned? Will it free the culet? Is the round ball not
interfering with the security of the adjoining claws? When the stone
is set will it purposely stay free? As for smaller diamonds, I will
accordingly reduce the size of bur.

Gerry, the Cyber-Setter
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