How to prepare orange shellac

I’ve read the posts on what to use to hold to enable both hands to
set a stone. I purchased orange shellac some time ago for this
specific reason but don’t really know how to get it set up

I tried melting a small amount on a wooden block with my torch - it
melted and smoked but I don’t think that’s correct.

Can anyone enlighten me please? Thanks!

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Gently melt a little (no smoke or fire) and roll and shape on a
piece of cold steel. Repeat many times until you have nice mound on
the wood. I generally use a round dowel as the handle.

Mounting a piece is a similar procedure just with less added
shellac. Not fast but works well unless you burn the shellac
(BRITTLE) Patience is required.

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On my blog, in part 6 page 4, I discuss the subject of shellac. Here
is the link.

Leonid Surpin

I tried melting a small amount on a wooden block with my torch -
it melted and smoked but I don't think that's correct. 

Yes, but to get it too hot and be careful! Just keep adding layers.

You may get better results with a heat gun. I use it for pitch,
works great

I meant, try not to get it too hot or it gets very brittle. Also if
you drip the molten shellac onto you, in any way, I promise, you’ll
NEVER forget it! OUCHHHH!!!

Hi List,

I keep Plain Phillips Milk of Magnesium on my work bench and kitchen
stove for burns. I have burned myself on a soldering iron, torch,
hot grease, hot oven, etc, since 1964 and have used it with success.
Just shake the bottle, pour onto the burn, let it dry, brush it off
with a dry terry cloth washrag.

The pain will stop as the solution starts to dry. IF it still hurts,
pour some more onto the burn and let it dry again.

There usually isn’t a blister and no pain. Unless you get the burn
wet right away or hit the burn area on something.

The first time I used Phillips Milk of Magnesium I had burnt my arm
with hot grease frying shrimp. I was walking around in pain not
knowing what to do other than ice which wasn’t working, when I
remembered reading the instruction of use in the package. I poured
the solution onto my burn and the pain stopped and I didn’t have a
blister. I was really relieved because, the next day I was starting
work at new employment and was really afraid I wouldn’t be able
start work. I started working right on time and with no pain!! If
someone is going to get burned it will be ME!! That is my fate


I recommend the use of a Bunsen burner rather than a torch. The
concentrated heat of a torch is problematic. I also have used an
alcohol lamp, but a Bunsen burner is much more versatile.


Thanks to those who responded to my question on how to use orange
shellac for holding a piece to set a stone.

I now have a wooden dowel and also bought a heat gun (someone
suggested using a heat gun instead of using the torch which can make
the shellac too hot and thus too brittle to use which is exactleywhat
happened when I tired a couple weeks ago).

I plan on going to my basement studio and trying it out later today.

Thanks again for the input!