How to polish titanium?

can titanium be polished? And how???

 can titanium be polished?  And how???

It sure can, Use standard stainless steel compounds. First a gray
cutting compound (Formax #22) with spiral sewn or pleated buff and
then a white stainless coloring compound (Formax again) , once again
with a spiral sew buff. Should look great and not too hard, Ti
actually takes a polish more easily than stainless.

Dave Bohm
Bohemian Bicycles

Polishing Titanium is pretty much like any other metal. Most closely
it resembles stainless steel. Sand and smooth as usual. I always
liked Zam, a light green polish for stainless steel. It is also used
for stone polishing and found in lapidary shops. If you need a
higher polish use white rouge to finish. Vibratory polish in moist
ceramic media. Bill

If I may, let me quote from Edward Rosenberg’s article about
titanium, “Noble Challenge,” from the October 2001 issue of AJM:

“The standard wheel and brush finishes used in the jewelry industry
can be applied to titanium pieces, although more agressive silica
base compounds and longer finishing times are required. Also, both
rotary and vibratory mass finishers can be used, although more
aggressive cutting media and longer cutting times are required.
Titanium is often finished with the same cutting media used on steel,
rather than the more familiar compounds used for gold and silver.
Once again, though, the choice of alloys will affect the final
result:The harder the material, the higher polish it will take.”

Hope this helps.John Shanahan
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