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How to polish chain mail

Hello everyone!

I just posted an article on polishing chain mail. Please let me know
if you have any questions.

Jeff Herman

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the Very helpful. I will toss out all
those polishing chemicals I’ve collected over the years.

My question: how about the Ionic Cleaner for removing oxides on
silver jewelry? I ask because I am considering buying one to clean

I read the MSDS sheet for the Gem Sparkle liquid that is used with
it, but the ingredients list only say “trade secret”.

I borrowed one to clean a large amount of jewelry, including
chainmaille earrings, (nothing containing bezel set stones) that was
heavily tarnished. It did a great job very fast, but I am wondering
if I might be harming the silver somehow. I certainly wouldn’t use
it on jewelry that has an intentional liver of sulfur patina. as one
gallery did for an intricate necklace I left with them on
consignment! Rather dismayed to see the results when they returned
it to me.

Also, regarding cleaning chainmaille. in the classroom we use a
tumbler with stainless shot and a few drops of Dawn soap. It not
only removes light tarnish, it cleans, polishes, AND hardens the
wire. Works for jewelry. not sure how it would work for something
like the purse you show.

From the on-line catalog: Speed Brites are a great complement to
ultrasonic cleaning. They do certain cleaning jobs that ultrasonics
are not suited for. They are perfect for cleaning jewelry made with
soft stones as in emeralds, opals, turquoise and pearls that could
be damaged in an ultrasonic. Speed Brites are also great for
cleaning costume jewelry, as they will remove tarnish, something
ultrasonics will not do. Speed Brites use a special cleaning
solution and an ionic process to clean jewelry gently and thoroughly
without ammonia, acid or heat. Made in the USA. One year warranty.


Hi all

Ionic cleaners are great. I use a JCR ionic in Australia.

It does not harm the metal and is safe for all I am about
to experiment with Argentium and use the ionic after I have washed
the polish off. And then heat to raise the germanium.

With patinated jewellery just a quick dip will do the job.

all the best