How to photograph pearls

Hello -

I purchased one of those ‘tabletop studio’ jewelry photograph kit -
it’s nice. I really haven’t had the chance to fully explore all of
the features that it offers just yet.

I took a few photographs of my pearl jewelry, I thought they were
very decent but not decent enough to suit my taste. I visited their
website for pearl photographing, there was a very short instruction.
Here are some examples of the pearl pics that I’d like to achieve,

Can you share your experience in photographing pearl jewelry using
with and/or without the tabletop studio?

Many thanks.
Danielle Mahan


Diffused light source, single light source. In your example, the
light was off to one side. Sorry, I’m not familiar with "table-top"
studio, but most single-answer solutions don’t work for jewelry. It’s
better to learn how light works and how to control it to get the
effect YOU want.

My CD “Jewelry Photography Made Simple” starts shipping Monday
(FINALLY) and will answer your question, or you can contact me
directly and I’ll help you through your particular dilemma. It’s
easy, really!

Wayne Emery

Hi Danielle,

Here are some examples of the pearl pics that I'd like to achieve, 

This example was digitally retouched, the background removed, a drop
shadow created and the color enhanced. this is by no means someone
photography experties but rather his/hers mastering of photoshop or
any other picture processing programs.