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How to measure four prong

All, I was wondering if anyone has figured out a way to measure four
prong lowbase heads that have gotten all mixed up.Like maybe a tool or
guage that one could make. Not all manufacturers heads are the same
and it is hard to judge the size of say a one pointer from a two
pointer ect. Thanks J Morley
Coyote Ridge studio

Have You considered weighing them ? If they are the same alloy,
then a sampled average would give you a target weight. A
electronic gem scale would be desireable . - I hope that this

Trust your eyes. Separate all in little groups and you will be able
to figure out which ones are which. There are guages, I have old ones
that diamond houses used to hand out (like business cards). Supply
houses should sell them. Curtis

Boy do I hate this particular job! What I do is separate the pile
first by eye, then further divide the smaller piles by either an inner
diameter measurement made with a micrometer (just inside between 2
diagonal prongs), or for the truly tiny ones, you can just plop what
you know is a .01 diamond onto a little cone of wax and just see how
it fits. Look in the back of your various catalogs for reference
sections and you’ll find diamond weights listed by diameters. Then you
can sort your boxes according to what they accomodate.

Personally, I’ve changed a lot of my findings storage into millimeter
based measurements. For bezels and stud earrings, it’s much easier.
Stuller findings even stamps the mm size into some of their products,
so all I need is a loupe to sort them.

Jane Armstrong Bernie Robbins Jewelers