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How to make your own tweezers

I thought I just saw a post that mentioned making your own tweezers.
Can someone repost this, please?


it was a response to one of my questions, re soldering jump rings to
a tube, from Carls:

  If I am correct with your concept you are making a piece with
  the tube having a chain or cord with the bezels dangling
  freely on the tube. It is frustrating when the part that are
  being soldered jump about. Your best bet is to get your jump
  rings shaped first by solder the seam first, shape, add a
  touch more solder on J ring, have the tube anchored well by
  good tweezers. Having added extra solder or jump ring have it
  secured on a pair of tweezers that you can hold with one hand
  and take to the spot youwant to solder, (tip) have your torch
  ready with adjusted flame so all you have to do is move it to
  point of solder and make sure you have refluxed both before
  soldering. One thing I have done and many metal smiths before
  me is make a pair or two of locking tweezers by taking a large
  heavy duty paper clip and open it up bend around the back part
  of tweezers and with pliers twist around two times and leave
  enough of the clip to make a instant stand. When you move the
  clip up on the tweezers it will lock the tip with jump ring at
  tip. Make two pair and you could hold bezel in one, jump ring
  in other. The home made tweezers hold a bit snugger then
  commercial made ones. Last you can go to Harbor Freight or
  find store that sells hemostats or locking scissor type holder
  and file off the groves at tip to not mar you work. I hope
  this might help. Do not fret even season jewelers have to deal
  with the moving jump ring when applying heat.