How to make sterling and G-metal from .999 silver coins

I am just wanting to find out if anyone can tell me how to make sterling & G-metal(sterling that doesn’t tarnish as fast) from .999 Silver coins

I’ve made sterling silver out of fine silver coins quite a number of times, but I’ve never made a silver de-ox alloy. Maybe this will help you?

Here’s Rio Grande’s De-Ox silver alloy SDS sheet. The list of ingredients and the percentages is in the SDS sheet.

Here’s a list of tarnish resistant silver alloys from

Carrera Casting doesn’t give the entire list of ingredients, but does give a hint here.

The general rule of alloying jewelry metals is to measure all of the components. Then melt the metal with the highest melting temperature first, and add the rest in a descending order of melting temperatures. It’s very easy to vaporize zinc and tin, so make sure that you don’t over heat them.

Again, I know this is only a little bit helpful, but it’s a start. Perhaps others will have better advice.

Best of luck!