How to make Rotary hammer


After many requests for photos, explanations and step-by-step
instructions for making a rotary hammer, I wrote up a document to
add to Ganoksin’s FTP pages. At the URL, you’ll find step-by-step
instructions with accompanying photos. I hope you all enjoy.

James in SoFl

As an addendum to the write-up on the rotary hammer, I’d like to
make a correction. In the last step, after obtaining a straw yellow
color (around 450F) with your torch on the polished face of the
hammer, letting it air cool slowly finishes the process of drawing
the temper. Further heating past straw yellow and cooling it slowly
serves to soften it, which is why it was done that way in the first
steps. Quenching is what would have made it brittle. Sorry for any

James in SoFl

James, I have used a small alan wrench for years. Cut the short end
of the “L” down with a small pair of bolt cutters grind the edges to
a rounded nub and polish. Shorten the long end if need be to fit in
your hand piece. The small alan wrench that comes with GRS graver
collets is the perfect size wrench.

J Morley