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How To Make Ear Wires

you always have amazing advice!! thanks for sharing
from one of the silent readers :slight_smile:

You are a diamond for me someone just learning :grinning:

It hardens the wire from dead soft (annealed) so the wire holds it’s shape.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Rob. I love this method and looking forward to trying it! :blush:

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge here, about ear wire making and so many other topics. It is much appreciated!

thank you for passing on your knowledge and in pdf. that was the added bonus. i am a newby, mary…

Thank you, your pdf is wonderfully clear and easy to follow, I look forward to any more you do.
Many Thanks Christine

Great tutorial! Would never have thought to make 2 at once, have always made them singularly and then spend ages trying to get them to match.
Keep up the good work.

Jo, (and Rob), would either of you be willing to show your jigs and anchor points? I’d be most grateful

This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.
Could you please provide a close up of the modified pliers?
Many thanks,

Thanks for sharing. Often I am doing a repair that involves creating a matching 1/2 pair of wires, to match an existing half pair.

I do like the idea of making a pair in such a simple process, which never crossed my mind. When making pairs I always made 1, and then made a mate for it.
Your method is far simpler and more direct!

Following is a link to pictures of my modified pliers and old earring wire jigs. I find ways to use PVC all over my shop…Rob

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