How to make bullet cabochon

I am new to lapidary work. Wonder if anyone can share how they cut a
bullet cabochon?


Any time I am cutting a round cabochon I first put the stone on the
correct size dop stick. 3/8" is the largest. I then put the dop stick
with the stone attached into the chuck of my 3/8" double insulated
drill. I run the drill running counter to the lapidary grinding wheel
and start slowly shaping the stone. Increasing the speed of the drill
as the stone gets rounder. The result is perfectly round cabs.

If you are doing small cabs (5mm and under) then a rotary tool or
dremel works best.

This method will work for bullet cabs. It’s just the thickness of
the stone that’s different.

Rick Copeland

Dop a rough stone to the head of a nail and then mount the nail in
your #30 Foredom handpiece disconnected from the flexible shaft.
Then slowly start to rough the shape and at one point during this the
stone will begin to spin at a fairly high speed and you can quite
easily shape your bullet. It will take time to be able to get the
knack of this to make the long elegant bullets popular in the late
80 and early 90’s. But the little squat pointy ones you should be
getting on your first try.