How to make attractive fastenings and closures?

Hi all,

If you wouldn’t mind taking a minute, I need the wisdom of the
"Great Orchid"? I would like to find a book that covers in fairly
good detail how to make closures, fasteners and findings for chains,
watches, brooches, boxes, lockets, ect… I would also like the
book to delve into how to make the back of a piece as attractive as
the front. What makes an attractive bail and what looks a bit

Is there such a book out there? Or maybe a group of books? Is
there some wisdom on these topics you great Orchid folks wouldn’t
mind passing on to a student who wants to make her work better?

Thanks in advance, Becky O’Bannon Casper, Wyoming

Hi Becky, I own almost all of the videos that Alan Revere has made.
They are fantastic! It’s like having a private lesson. I have a TV
in my studio that has a VCR player in it and I just pop in a video
and make the project with Alan. I can stop the video whenever I need
to catch up, or I can back it up and repeat anything I need to see
again. His videos cover many things you’re asking about.

The address of the website where you can find the videos is: If you’re close enough to take a
class, I highly recommend it.

Good luck,
Susie Morgan
Elegant Metal Creations

Hi Becky Take a look at Charles sells a great
book on the subject “Hinges and Hinge-Based Catches for Jewelers and
Goldsmiths” and I think there is also one out by Tim McCreight.

Karen Bahr “the Rocklady” (@Rocklady) May your gems
always sparkle.