How to make an ear model

Hello all,

After reading one of the replies and someone mentioned having a
stone model of her ear I realized how great this would be for trying
out new designs for earrings. Does anyone have a suggestion of where
to get one or how to make one?

Thanks to all you creative people.

Sharron in Kuala Lumpur where the orchids are blooming and the sun
is shining.

Since I’m the one who mentioned it, I’ll pass along the
I worked in a dental office (16 years ago) at the time and knew I was
leaving to do jewelry full time and thought it would work well and it
has. It’s done the same way your dentist takes an impression of your
teeth. I used alginate impression material since it was a one shot
thing and just covered my whole ear with it. Once it had set up I
peeled it off and had a perfect negative impression of my ear. I then
poured it up in dental stone (plaster) while vibrating it to remove
the bubbles. Once the stone had hardened, I trimmed the stone on a
model trimmer so that just the ear was left. I now have an exact
duplicate of my own ear. You can buy rubber ears complete with holes
in them but I’ve found that the actual ear works better for me for
designing. Check with your Dentist and see if they are willing to
help you make a model of your ear. Once they stop laughing they’ll
probably be willing.

G’day; instead of showing jewellery on an isolated model ear, why
not obtain life size photos of fashion models in head and shoulders
profile. Simply mount on suitable card, piece the lobe with a
needle, and there you are. These would very nice when properly

Cheers for now,
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ

Hi Sharron in KL. Years ago I purchased a handsome ear model, made
to stand, which is indeed a good display for trying earrings. It
came from Rio Grande’s Display and Packaging catalog. Don’t have my
current one at hand, but feel sure they still carry such a thing if
you have access to them in KL. Love your orchid and weather reports.


I have seen what you suggest at various shows. A woman who does
some of the same shows that I do uses life size photos of celebrities
and mounts neckpieces on the photos, very effective and attractive.

Hi Sharron, A few years ago, I went to visit a sculptor friend and
found dozens of pairs of clay lips drying on his window sills. They
were so detailed and exquisitely crafted, I thought they had been
cast from latex impression molds, or something. No, he had actually
scultped each pair from scratch… a study in lips. You may be able
to locate a clay artist, or sculptor in your area who would be
willing to scuplt come ears… as a learning experience… for a
reasonable fee. The art department at a school or university may help
you locate someone if you need help.

Food for thought?

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

It is only my opinion, and I am certainly not an attorney (you might
want to check with yours,) but it is probably a very bad idea to use
a photo of a celebrity (or ANYONE recognizeable) for commercial
purposes. If you have a signed model release, however, you’re safe.

In today’s Los Angeles Times, there is a news article about Arnold
Schwartznegger’s having brought a TWENTY MILLION DOLLAR lawsuit
against a car dealer for using a 1 inch square photo of Arnold in a
newspaper ad.

You may feel that $20 million is a little excessive, but I think
you cannot argue aginst the proposition that Arnold has very little
to SELL besides his image and talent. Besides, even if Arnold were
to lose the lawsuit, it is going to cost that car dealer a small
fortune just to fight it. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings

Several years ago, I bought one of those ear models from Rio Grande
but have not seen them in the catalog recently. I like mine because
I don’t have pierced ears (I make an alternative finding for myself),
and this way I can see what an earring looks like on a pierced ear.

Some years ago I was at a craft show and had that ear out on my
table with an earring in it, then I also had stuffed an old, long
glove with cotton to display several bracelets, plus I had an old wig
to display a large barrette. After considering everything for
awhile, I finally decided there were too many “body parts” on the
table, and I gave up using all of those aids!

Judy Bjorkman

Several years ago, I bought one of those ear models from Rio Grande
but have not seen them in the catalog recently.

I have one (assuming you’re talking about the rubber ear model with
the base), but it’s old and is developing black marks which don’t
clean off easily. I tried to order another one just before Christmas,
and the Rio CSR told me that they’ve been discontinued. They do still
have the smaller granite-textured plastic ears that attach to a
fabric board with Velcro, but the larger grey rubber ear model Rio
used to carry isn’t available.

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry