How to make a Turk's-head ring correction

I recently discovered that one of the pieces of that I
have been providing for my workshop students is, to state it baldly,

When I taught how to make a Turk’s-head ring, and handed out a
diagram to show how it worked, I mentioned that it would also work
as a bracelet, for those who wished to make a continuous bracelet
such as the one that I wear. Sadly, I got the numbers wrong, and
while the pattern is absolutely correct for a bracelet of five leads,
like the rings, and while a ring with seven leads can be made using
the diagram I handed out, in conjunction with the tools they already
possessed, that same diagram cannot be used as a guide for making a
seven-lead bracelet on the larger fixture. I’m hoping that, of those
who tried it, most figured out the difference very quickly, as it is
just a variation on the same theme.

For those who may have concluded that their own efforts were at
fault, my apologies, and a link to a proper diagram, fully vetted,
and (I hope) sufficiently clear that they will have no further

Feel free to ask questions or send brickbats my way, I’ll be happy
to do my best to get you back on track.