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How To Make A Barrette

I used to make a lot of barrettes, but they went out of favor and I haven’t made one in years. I have been asked to make one. The part that shows is no problem, but I am curious if anyone has suggestions on how to make the clip. I always used some spring steel wire and a piece of tubing for the hinge. It always worked fine, but I am open to new ideas. Thanks…Rob

I use 14 or 18 kt white gold wire and tubing. The old fashioned nickle alloy that we all hate to work with. It’s super springy and will last a long time.
Jo Haemer


I just made a few. The same old way with tube and music wire so I am no real help. But if it works and it ain’t broke…

---- Robert Meixner wrote:

I received one as a gift years ago, a simple sterling curved bar & on the back, 2 probably 14ga or 16ga wires ¼" - ⅜" in length. Those were positioned to hold a standard clip base from the craft store (either end of the clip has a hole & the wire pins were simply folded over to secure the decorative part to the clip). The ones manufactured in France are definitely the best if you can still find them. A little tired tonight so if this makes no sense, I can find the clip & send an image of the back.

remanium is used for dental work, nice material for the springy bits.

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