How to label and display earrings for shows

Hi to all

This is an embarrassing question…

I sell from my home and also attend parties and shows.

Display is, of course, important.

I have the rings labeled with self-adhesive stickers, which are
hidden in the velvet pad slots.

The necklaces and bracelets are hung on a frame, each with tags tied
by a thread.

Pendants either have tags or round stickers on the back, and are in
neat compartments.

My problem is :
How do I label the earrings ???

The tags with thread look terrible… the self-adhesive stickers
slide off…

I either lay them in liners, or hang them on revolving displays.

I need a simple solution, because the customers are all over the
jewellry, it’s not like a store with glass cases

Thank you !

I currently use 1"x1" earring cards and half of a round ring tag
which I place on the back. The earrings are secured with stoppers
and the customers can easily check the price on the back of the card.
Just as they would if in a store. Those are the ones that go on my
turning display. Of course you could use larger earring cards and a
small sticker.

I’m also thinking of making a business card size, tented earring card
to which I can add a price sticker or just write the amount on it
directly. These would be easy to make on an inkjet or laser printer
and some card stock. Would just need to work up the template first.
The benefit I see is that it’d show longer earrings better since it’s
directly propped on the table, and a buyer gets your business card
(on the back side) along with the earrings.

The mind just keeps on thinking. :slight_smile:


You can put earrings on earring cards, and put your labels on the
cards. Just a one or two inch square cut from card stock will do,
with two small holes punched in it. If you use small plastic ear nuts
on the back, the earrings will really stay on the cards well. Earring
cards with hooked tops are used on racks. Check out any jewelry
catalog for examples.


If you put the earrings on cards, you can either glue the labels
onto them or write the price on the card w/ a metallic pen. I use a
glue stick, as the labels do fall off over time.

Many years ago Jerome Bushyhead’s wife talked to me about putting my
earrings on earring cards, which hers were. Personally, for me, they
have helped sell my earrings. You can put the price on the back. You
can display earrings on an idividual earring display and slip the
earring card underneath, with your price still handy on the back.

Sharon Perdasofpy

I display my earrings on those little black earring cards - they’re
plastic with a bit of velvet-like flocking on the front. I have a
roll of white electrical tape, snip off a bit, write the stock# and
the price and stick the label on the back of the earring holder.

I dislike string tags because they always seem to get tangled up
with each other and create a big jumble. I use the sharkskin labels
that fold over and have no adhesive in the fold so they’re easy to
cut off. You cannot tear them off, which is good, because customers
can’t fiddle with them, but you can easily snip them off with
nippers. Works for me.

Claire in TN

Idea one: If your pieces are metal, you could use sharpie marker on
the back, and use a bit of nail polish remover or alcohol to remove
when someone purchases.

Idea two: make little blocks with the price on them, and group
earrings with the same price around them.


Hi Cecile. I use Sharpie pens of different colors and combinations
on the back of the earrings and have an index card with the same
colors with prices. Works great for me and easy to remove with

Paul Brackna

My problem is : How do I label the earrings ??? 

How about a card, folded in half to make it able to stand by itself,
large enough to keep the earrings off the table top? Then you could
price them with an adhesive dot, or writing on the card. You could
also put info about the earrings on the back of the card. I have also
seen wooden boards with slots in them that hold a single thickness of
card stock, that you could punch two holes in to insert the earrings.

Wishing you good sales,
Vicki K

If you have printed business cards and have chosen an interesting
design as well, poke two holes in the card and push your earwires or
studs through the holes. If you have left your business cards blank
on the back, you can then write the description (stones and/or beads,
etc.) on the back, and the price down in one corner. Always write the
price in pencil, so that the customer can erase it, if the earrings
are to be a gift. That way, you have a nice “display card”, and the
customer has all the about your tel. no., website and
email for getting in touch for another purchase. :slight_smile:

Janice Fingado
Tucson, AZ