How to keep the white colour when depletion gilding sterling silver

Hello! I am wondering if there is anything I could use to keep the whiteness after depletion gilding sterling silver? I have a necklace design where the main piece is almost like an open peapod with the chain running through it. The outside is satin textured, the edges are burnished and the inside is white which really gives the design oomf but the chain that is running through marks the fine silver layer and I’m wondering if anyone knows of a way to stop this from happening? Thanks.

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You need to put a barrier between the matte area and anything that might mark it. You could try coating the white section with a clear, resin enamel. Either a two-part resin, like Krohn’s Cermitation, or a UV curing resin might do the job. A simple test on a piece of silver with the finish you’re looking to preserve will tell you whether that is a solution to your problem.