How to insure work in gallery

Hello all

I’ve done my due diligence and searched the archives but haven’t
come up with what I need.

I am a partner in a gallery. I am the only jeweler and the others are
reluctant to arm the store (I do have a safe where the goods are
locked up every night), buy insurance for their artwork (they figure
thieves don’t steal paintings…at least, their paintings!) or, in
short, have the gallery pay for my insurance. Rather than add to our
general liability insurance policy, I’m wondering if there is a
better way. My jewelry business is incorporated and I’m thinking of
insuring through it. Since I would be vulnerable on the road, in the
store, etc. I need to be insured for shoplifting and burglary. Though
I’ve been in this business for over 40 years I have never carried
insurance and I know my clock is ticking!!!..although I’m hoping
the 10K hit I took within weeks after the gallery opened will cover
my theft Kharma for a while. I guess I’m picking your collective
wonderful brains…who uses what for their insurance, should I join
an association, etc. Any and all comments welcome.

I have learned so much here in the few months I have been a member
thank you all.


Jewelers Mutual is good. I carry a small policy required by doing
contract jewelry work for other stores. It covers transfer and fifty
thousand for robbery. Its very affordable. It also covers Jewelry at
home and my wifes.

Thanks Johneric

I need to be insured for shoplifting and burglary. 

Jewelers Mutual Neenah WI

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.

Hi Lainie,

Try jewelers mutual - they have policies to fit all situations.

Also, MJSA is soon to be offering some sort of partnership and
alliance with them - not sure what it will be, but it may help you
save some money.

Chris Ploof Studio