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How to hold a graver

As of tonight, I have posted another 10 more Diamond Setting essays. This blog-list has reached 37 essays all at no charge! These are ***How to hold a graver … ***How to Hold a HSS Bur when making bearing cuts in your claws…I could tell you more…but the fun is in the many rules of setting stones. Just enjoy the many weeks ahead in reading my essays.

Gerry Lewy



There is only one way to hold a graver in your hand. Should I repeat myself again? “Only one way to hold a graver”. The graver tip must never go beyond the first knuckle of your middle finger! “Seeing” is better than a text explanation.

But I think one or two explanations are needed here & now. The little finger literally prevents the graver handle from sliding away from the “holding area” in the palm of your hand. My thumb and forefinger are the only fingers that hold the graver shaft, the other fingers only keep the handle in your hand. These rules are ever so important in attempting to 'Bright" & “Rough-Cutting”.


Thank you Gerry!!!

Hi David!

So happy that you wrote, it’s reassuring to know that the interest is out there!

I keep writing essays that many people need to read. I put myself into their hands and figure out what is totally lacking in learning.

One fellow (no names) wrote a setting book but deliberately avoided some worthwhile notes! His student asked why, his reply was I’m not going to teach them everything, let them research the missing notes.

This goes against my values, why are all of my essays in 2,500 words or more. In fact one essay was only 9,250 words in length!

Enjoy your reading!.:wink:

I’m Gerry, On my iPhone!


@gerrylewy18 thanks for a value ethic that promotes learning rather than research or trial/error
Regards RLW

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