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How to have successful jewelry business

Hey Guys! My Name is Melissia Hill and I Just recently discovered
my passion for Jewelry making and design. I am a new mom and have
been making jewelry during this new chapter of my life. I’ve made
about five amazing piece, sold a couple already and have gotten a
great response. Everyday new idea arise and with that come the of
questions “how do I…?”. I am going to turn this into a successful
business and there are couple of things I need to know and some
things I haven’t thought of yet. Hopefully you guys could give me
some great advice

  1. How to start on a small budget

  2. How to shop creations and get into great boutiques & stores.

  3. How can I get my own chain & links made.

  4. What are the best online stores to sell to & other valuable
    digital platforms

I really appreciate all your advice, I am super excited to get
business going and so glad I found you guys!

Thanks again

Hi Melissia,

Five amazing pieces… pictures?

  1. How to start on a small budget. Starting on a small budget will
    take time, and this is dependent on the type of jewellery you
    manufacture. For example a girl that was a second year student with
    me, just gave up the course because she wants to devote more time to
    her jewellery business. She makes bead jewellery and is making an
    absolute killing. Her secret, she’s not afraid to ask her friends for
    help (her friends are models and another is a decent photographer).
    The website was set up (I think by another friend), and she’s making

If you want to do traditional jewellery, then it costs more. You can
get away with using average tools, but you need to replace them as
soon as possible.

Also “small budget” is a relative term, but I like to think of small
budget as “not much money”, making do where you can and buying
equipment when you have to.

  1. How to shop creations and get into great boutiques & stores. Ask.
    Go to the stores show them what you have made, and how many you can
    produce in a given time.

  2. How can I get my own chain & links made. For the sake of a budget,
    it’s cheaper to buy pre-made chains. Even jump rings could be bought
    in bulk. Saving you time. Time “is” money.

  3. What are the best online stores to sell to & other valuable
    digital platforms.

There are several online stores, but the best store would be your
own, little to no commissions. If you set up a PayPal shopping cart
then you can accept credit cards without a merchant agreement. Sure
PayPal take a cut, but they do a lot of the hard work, and it’s not
that bad.

Regards Charles A.

How to have a successful small jewelry business, buy a large one and

Richard Hart G.G.
Denver, Co.

I thought is was; “to make a million dollars in the jewelry
business, start with 2 million…”

But, seriously, there is no magic in the jewelry business, learn
business, distinguish yourself from your competition in design and
craft. The secret to longevity in business is to not go out of
business. Business plan.

Sam Patania, Tucson

Well I certainly can’t give absolute advice but I can show how to
build a jewellery business from scratch. For the last six months I
have been setting up a new shop in Dusseldorf in Germany. I have, in
a loose way, chronicled the ups and downs on my blog. It is a big
adventure for us, coming from St. Maarten via the Hague and then
going to Germany to look for a suitable shop. If you prepared to
wade through, check out

That is about the part where we actually got a shop, and then further
on down the posts is how we build it. Sort of started in August till
now, where we a week or so from opening.

Cheers, Hans Meevis

Helloooo Hans,

Good to know where you are now. I’ve missed your posts. Thanks for
providing the link to your series of blogs regarding the new shop.
Most interesting reading!

Best of luck with your business in Deutchland.

Judy in Kansas, where after the most amazingly delightful fall days,
today a cold north wind brings in badly needed rain. Just not sure
I’m ready for snow yet.