How to glue glass on metal?

        Can anyone give me a tip, or advise me a good  product
 to glue these two  together??  

Hi; There is an excellent german glue, designed for the purpose
od gluing gems to precious metals. I don’t have the details now,
but if you send me your fax number, I would be happy to send you
their product specification.

Hello, Since a short while I am making juwellery with glass. I do
have a problem to glue the glass stones and the metal together.
I do sandblast the metal where it makes contact with the glass,
and i make the glass rough with a diamondbur, like used in
dentstery. Can anyone give me a tip, or advise me a good
product to glue these two together?? Thanks, Iwan

We use E-6000 to attach glass to finding all the time and have
had very good success. Ernie Phelps

If the glass is clear you can use a UV glue called Crystal Clear
by Duro company. It works very fast and will last forever
without discoloring. Well nothing lasts forever. Happy Holidays,

There is this great web site, called this to that it’s
adhesive help check it out… well I
did the work for you… Locktit Impruv or JB weld is what it
told me… when I entered the two Amanda

Since I am an enamelist there are many times when the problem of
gluing glass (enamel) to metal (copper or silver) or enamel to
enamel. The best I’ve found, even though it is rather thick and
is not for fine work, is a product called GOOP. This product
comes in many versions like Plumbers, Marine, Household GOOP. It
is manufactured by a company called Eclectic Products Inc.,
Pineville, LA, USA 1-800-767-4667. Kind of like silicone adhesive
but dries harder, and once dry holds forever, even when exposed
to sunlight, I use it all the time, I think in some parts of the
country it is known as E-6000, and is available in most home
improvement stores(Lowes, Eagle Hardware, Home Depot, Home Base,
for about $4/ 3.7oz.(110ml) tube. I love it! Have for years!
Steve Artz in sunny So.Cal.

All; The best glue I found for mass gluing glass, rhinestones,
Swarovski crystals or even real gems, is a German product sold under
the name of “Strass Adhesive 244”

When you need to glue only a couple of stones, than stick to
Epoxy. In my case, sometimes I need to glue (not my favorite
practice) 10,000 tiny Swarovski Crystals on ear studs. Than
using epoxy is a big problem to accomplish the mission :wink: We need
to mix it often, it gets dry, the stones are sliding away if the
item is not flat. The strass adhesive is the best glue I found
for mass gluing :slight_smile:

You dont need to mix it, it holds the stone in place before it
gets dry, it is clear and when it gets dry the stones are not
falling out.

So for those of you who are interested - get it from:

Hasulith Produkte
Sussman& steinhauser Gmbh
Glasschleiferstrase 14
D-87600 Kaufbeuren

Tel: (49) 8341 - 62087
Fax (49) 8341 - 65475

Hope it helps
Just their customer :slight_smile:

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